Nadder Community Energy

Tisbury, Salisbury, South West, UK

Type: 1

Main focus: Subtype: 1

Community owned renewable energy company

About Nadder Community Energy

We set up in 2015 with a community share offer to install solar panels on local businesses and farms. The Feed in Tarrif made this a profitable venture, with all proceeds going to a community fund for local green projects. In 2018 we had another share offer to take advantage of the last of the Feed in Tarrif. We installed solar panels on local schools. We have also run feasibility studies on renewable heating for local schools, a domestic air source heat pump pilot and a pilot for an electric car club. Recently our Community Fund has paid for solar panels for our open air swimming pool in Tisbury, Wiltshire. 

As a community energy group we raise money in our local area to install renewable energy technology for businesses and schools. Any profits go into our community fund for green projects in the Nadder Valley, Wiltshire.

PS - We are members of local environmental networks and we run a monthly Green Drinks public gathering!