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The following organizations have focused their corporate social responsibility programs on disaster relief efforts or community resilience initiatives. We are listing them here to inspire more companies to do the same.

Tide Loads of Hope

Natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes can devastate communities and impact their access to basic resources like electricity and clean water. That’s why Tide Loads of Hope’s mission is to clean clothes for families in need and give them a sense of normalcy. Because after a disaster, you don’t just want something new. You want what’s yours back. Tide Loads of Hope brings laundry trucks to areas right after a natural disaster to provide free laundry service and clean clothes when they are needed the most.

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Cisco Crisis Response

When a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis occurs, connectivity is a critical form of aid—just like food, water, shelter, and medical care. We work with local agencies and communities to help them prepare for, respond to, and sustainably rebuild from crises.

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Dettol Disaster Relief

Where disaster strikes, Dettol responds with donations of free products and sometimes monetary donations to disaster relief efforts.

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In times of crisis or humanitarian need, we make sure our partners have what they need to help communities. When disaster strikes, or a community has an urgent need, Target is ready to help. We’re on the scene quickly providing supplies, volunteers and distribution networks through relief organizations. Our global supply chain can move quickly to support our stores and guests. And all year round, we provide relief partners organizations with local donations and annual funding, and encourage our neighbors across the country to support them too.

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When disaster strikes, we provide support such as hygiene and business expertise, product donations, financial assistance and employee contributions. These all help with emergency relief efforts, assisting people to address the immediate challenges they face. We also advocate for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and businesses to work together on disaster planning. Businesses can bring important knowledge, infrastructure, resources and networks to help reduce the impact of emergencies. As well as being good for society, disaster planning helps to make businesses and supply chains resilient.

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Labatt Disaster Relief Programme

One of the many ways we give back to our country is through the Labatt Disaster Relief Programme. Established in 2012 to donate safe drinking water to communities experiencing emergency conditions, this programme allows us to leverage Labatt’s resources to can our own water and mobilize our network to supply and distribute it to those in need.

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Duracell PowerForward

Duracell PowerForward is designed to provide families affected by natural disasters the means to recharge, reconnect and recover by helping to power essential devices such as flashlights, lanterns and medical devices.

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Vodafone Instant Network Emergency Response

Communication in the immediate aftermath of a disaster is key both to support those affected and to assist in the assessment of damage and the coordination of rescue and relief efforts. Through the award-winning Instant Network programme, Vodafone Foundation deploys employee volunteers and communications technologies in emergencies to restore and provide free, vital communications and technical support to aid agencies, victims and refugees in remote areas.

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Dell Technologies

Natural disasters can impact the communities Dell Technologies calls home at any time. We work with disaster relief organizations to help those in need when they do. We offer our expertise, technology and funding, and our team members often volunteer their time and donate items. In addition to corporate donations, we also match our team members’ monetary donations to vetted disaster relief organizations and the other causes they care about – up to $10,000 USD per team member per year.

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Mitsubishi provides relief and recovery support for areas affected by natural disasters. In addition to volunteer-related activities, Mitsubishi also provides aid that addresses the various needs of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This includes scholarships, support for small businesses as well as other activities aimed to help with the recovery of the region.

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Deutsche Post DHL Group

The United Nations and Deutsche Post DHL Group showcase how public-private partnerships make a difference in humanitarian action. When called upon by the UN, we support global relief efforts by volunteering our logistics expertise, our global network and the personal commitment of our individual employees.

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The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation supports communities impacted by natural disasters with short-term relief and long-term rebuilding. Our corporate merchandising, supply chain and operations teams move necessary product and equipment to stores in strike zones, and our stores often become command centers for first responders and relief agencies. Home Depot associates volunteer alongside our national nonprofit partners to begin the rebuilding process immediately after the storm.

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IKEA Foundation - Special Initiatives & Emergency Response

When an emergency strikes, time is of the essence. Supplies like food, medicines and hygiene kits are needed immediately, not several days later. To provide the most timely and efficient response, we give emergency funding to a select few partner organisations, who work mainly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We trust our partners, as experts in their field, to deliver life-saving support for families affected by disasters, and help people get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Our unrestricted grants also enable our partners to respond to unseen emergencies, which the media and the world either don’t know about or have forgotten.

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Panasonic provides emergency relief equipment, products, and funds to disaster-stricken regions and governments while encouraging our employees to participate in and donate to disaster relief.

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Cumbria Community Foundation

Hundreds of older people in Cumbria are in danger of becoming ill or even dying because of the cold. The Winter Warmth Appeal was launched in 2010 and has literally saved lives. We collect your generous donations and share them with vulnerable older people who struggle to heat their homes, so they can stay warm and healthy during winter.

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