541 Eatery & Exchange

Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Type: 1

Main focus: Subtype: 1

Website: https://www.fivefortyone.ca/

Contact: volunteer@fivefortyone.ca

Phone: 239-389-0541

Address: 541 Barton Street East

A non-profit cafe with a pay-it-forward system.

About 541 Eatery & Exchange

541 is a cafe that believes everyone deserves access to good food. We give people the opportunity to help someone else pay for their meal by "buying buttons". Each button is worth $1, and anyone can use up to 5 buttons a day from the button jar to buy whatever they would like from the menu.

We believe there is dignity in choice, and that eating together fosters a diverse community of belonging around the table.

We use our space and proceeds from food sales to host free community groups and youth programming.