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Greater London Mobile Charging Team

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Type: communicationsType: emergency_responseGuildford, Surrey, UK

Should we set up a mobile emergency charging team for Greater London? Sample Project

By Thrivespring

Inspired by the concept behind the Citizen Power Brigade, let's organise a mobile emergency charging team to respond to disasters in and around Greater London, and help people charge their phones and other critical devices during disruptions or emergencies. Being able to communicate with family and friends is vitally important during emergencies, so if you have a hybrid elecric vehicle and would like to put it to good use during emergencies, we'd love to hear from you.

Here is the Citizen Power Brigade describing how it works:

"With our Field Power Kit and a simple cable, we can turn a hybrid electric vehicle into the world’s cleanest and most fuel efficient source of mobile emergency power in a disaster. In one week using one tank of gas, one HEV can charge 8400 phones in order to provide up to 12 million minutes of talk time for survivors in a disaster. Besides charging electronic devices, the Citizen Power Brigade is available to provide emergency power to run medical equipment, appliances including refrigerators, and various other equipment and devices."

And here's a video:

Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved!