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Canadian Seed Savers

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Help our seed savers rescue the biodiversity of our food plants!

By SeedsofDiversity

We are a group of seed savers from coast to coast who protect Canada's seed biodiversity by growing it ourselves and sharing it with others. Every year, we multiply the most vulnerable seed varieties that we can, exchange seeds with each other, and keep those varieties alive and in cultivation for future gardeners to enjoy. We are a membership organization with over 1000 members across Canada that make Seeds of Diversity a vibrant and visible part of the gardening and food security scene.

Our funding primarily comes from charitable donations made by both members and non-members. Besides multiplying rare seeds, we volunteer at over 150 Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sunday events across Canada, write articles for our popular magazine and monthly email bulletin, package seeds for community seed libraries, and help beginner seed savers learn the easy techniques for growing good seeds. Get in touch to find out how you can become a volunteer!

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