Community Resilience Projects

Do you have an idea for a new project that will help increase your community’s long-term resilience? Post it here to request volunteers, resources, donations, fundraisers, partners, and sponsors. Ongoing projects and organizations involved with community resilience are welcome, too. And if you’ve been involved in a project that has wrapped up, feel free to share the details so that others can learn from your experiences.

And for now, until we get our forum up and running, we recommend that you set up a Slack group to organize your project with the people who would like to get involved.

The Fruitful Communities initiative

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: participants

Type: food_production_and_distributionAtlanta, Georgia, US

Growing more beautiful, sustainable, and abundant communities

By trescrow

We're growing more Fruitful Communities by turning lawns around libraries, schools, and community centers into food forests, pollinator gardens, and outdoor classrooms. Join us as we fight climate cha...
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Spring Creek Lane Food Forest

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Status: New Project

Seeking: resourcesvolunteers

Type: food_production_and_distributionAtlanta, Georgia, US

My neighborhood could use a food forest!

By Farley

There is an abandoned lot behind my house on Spring Creek Lane that hasn't been used in years. It would be great if the City could turn it into a neighborhood food forest. My neighbors and I will be h...
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Oakland Urban Farms and Gardens

Oakland, California, US

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: corporate_sponsorsdonationsresourcesvolunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionOakland, California, US

Help us create sustainable, high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens

By CitySlickerFarms

City Slicker Farms needs volunteers! We add new volunteering opportunities periodically based on season and special projects, so check back regularly! Scroll down to learn more about potential volunte...
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FoodCycle Community Meals

England and Wales, UK

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: donationsfundraisersresourcesvolunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionEngland and Wales, UK

Join the FoodCycle family!

By FoodCycle

If you want to help make a difference and help bring food and conversation to your community, then why not become a FoodCycle volunteer?Week in, week out, our team of incredible volunteers make wholes...
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Long Beach Garden Adventure Volunteers

Long Beach, California, US

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: volunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionType: health_initiativesLong Beach, California, US

Inspire and empower young minds through gardening

By AdventuresToDreams

Join our Garden Adventure Volunteers to inspire and empower young minds ages 4–14 who live in at-risk communities by exposing them to education, cultural activities, and mentorship through gardening. ...
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Bainbridge Food Forest

Bainbridge Island, Washington, US

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: corporate_sponsorsdonationsfundraisersparticipantspartnersresourcesvolunteers

Type: food_production_and_distributionBainbridge Island, Washington, US

Two Food Forests, One Island

By BainbridgePrepares

The Bainbridge Island Food Forest project started with a 13-acre property located at the old M&E Christmas tree farm on the north end of Bainbridge Island -- a parcel with the potential for a thri...
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Canadian Seed Savers

Canada, Ontario, CA

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: donationsvolunteers

Type: food_production_and_distributionType: local-exchangeCanada, Ontario, CA

Help our seed savers rescue the biodiversity of our food plants!

By SeedsofDiversity

We are a group of seed savers from coast to coast who protect Canada's seed biodiversity by growing it ourselves and sharing it with others. Every year, we multiply the most vulnerable seed varieties ...
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Food Security - Farm Incubator Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador, NL, CA

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: partnersresourcesvolunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionNewfoundland and Labrador, NL, CA

Newfoundland! Want to raise your own food? Eggs, Meat, Milk and Veg Gardens...

By LoopResource

Would you like to take responsibility for your food? Grow more, save money, and do it without feed costs? We are able to help, with our connection in most of the medium sized communities in NL....
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Urban Pantry Barrie

Barrie, Ontario, CA

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: corporate_sponsorsdonationsfundraiserspartnersresourcesvolunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionType: health_initiativesBarrie, Ontario, CA

Join our community food security group!

By urbanpantrybarrie

Urban Pantry is a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association, with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We are made up of three main components: community gardens, community cooking cl...
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Maidenbower Junior School Sensory Garden

Crawley, South East, UK

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: donationsresourcesvolunteers

Type: community_assistanceType: food_production_and_distributionType: health_initiativesCrawley, South East, UK

Join our volunteer team or just donate/build materials needed

By CrawleyCommunityGarden

Crawley Community Garden are working in collaboration with 'Maidenbower Bee Wild' to transfrom an old pig pen in the school grounds into a sensory garden for use by both the community and the students...
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